Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12 Plan

Unit 12: Territorial and Economic Expansion

Due for Friday, January 15: Read and take notes on Amsco 12. Answer the multiple-choice questions.
Friday in class: Amsco quiz and powerpoint on Manifest Destiny

Due for Wednesday, January 20: Read and take notes on Bailey 17
Wednesday in class: Lecture on the Mexican War: Polk’s Wartime Leadership

Due for Friday, January 22: Study for the test
Study for test.

Friday in class: TEST
Due on Friday (you might want to do it prior to the test, but if you have to triage, you have until 5:00 PM to do this):
Complete the “American Progress” art analysis on the blog.

AP Points for Amsco 12:

1) “Polk was one of the greatest American Presidents because he entered office with clearly defined goals, accomplished them, and left office in triumph after one term.” Support or criticize this statement.

2) Explain why the United States did not annex the entirety of Mexico. Include outside research and quotes from contemporaries (you do not have to follow the footnoting rules for a research paper).

3) Trace efforts to build a canal through Central America, beginning with the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty and ending with T.R. “making the dirt fly.”

4) Visit How does the official site of the Alamo deal with the issue of slavery? Do visitors come away with an accurate historical understanding of the role that slavery played in the settlement and eventual independence of Texas? Why or why not?

5) Research and explain Abraham Lincoln’s reaction to the Mexican War. What does it say about his political instincts and ideals?

6) Make a map and timeline of American territorial expansion.

Art Analysis:
7) Find three political cartoons supporting OR opposing the Mexican War. Explain the imagery used by, and the viewpoint of, the artists.

8) With a group of friends, watch a movie about the Alamo (there are many to choose from). Assess the historical accuracy of the movie.

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