Thursday, December 3, 2009

Notebook List Units 6b, 7, 8

Unit 6a Test Packet
Unit 6b Plan
Amsco 6 multiple choice 6-10
Bailey 10 reading guide
Political Party Organizer
Washington’s Farewell Address Primary Source Analysis (Optional from breakfast)
Washington and Adams’ Administration notes
Hamilton’s Plan Essay Outline
Unit 6b Test Packet
Unit 7 Plan
Early Republic Map
Amsco 7 notes and multiple choice
Hamilton vs. Jefferson Primary source cooperative learning
Bailey 11 Reading Guide
Foreign Affairs Outline
Jefferson Was A Putz Notes
Test 7 Packet
Unit 8 Plan
Amsco 8 Notes and Multiple Choice
Notes: Why Didn’t The South Industrialize?
Bailey 12+ reading guide
N/S/NW Chart

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