Thursday, November 12, 2009

Undergraduate Degrees

When I was an undergraduate history major at Longwood (during the Vietnam War, don'tcha know), we had a running joke about the most important phrase for us to learn:

"Do you want fries with that?"

Many people argue that the purpose of college is to gain job skills so that you are employable. Think of Yale as the Devri Technical Institute for bankers and lawyers. Other people (and I'm one) argue that the purpose of college should be to learn to think and to grow as a person. Outside of a few fields, your undergraduate major doesn't matter that much. History majors and theatre majors can become CEOs. Nonetheless, I thought this graphjam was hilarious:

Click to embiggen.

On a more serious college-themed note, it always makes me nervous when people say they are going to take a year off before college - I'm always concerned that it will be hard to leave a paying job and embrace academic poverty once you've had a taste of a paycheck. There are a few kids that didn't trigger this reaction - I've had students go on mission trips and one couple spent a year working for Habitat for Humanity - those short term projects were awesome. But if you decide to take a year off to hang loose in your parents' basement, I will find you. Live up to your potential.

P.S. - Aren't graphs a cool way to represent ideas? Math is everywhere, my friends, math is everywhere!

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