Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crossword Help

Ask and answer.


  1. Here goes:

    4D- State at the forefront of the movement toward "true democracy"
    8D- War that led to a lowering of the voting age
    20D- A situation in which every person or state agrees
    15A- Economic system with complete economic freedom and unfettered port rights (three words) (I think it's laissez faire something, but I don't know the third word)
    34A- Part of the First Amendment that forbids government-sponsored religion
    50A- Someone who riles up the masses through speeches
    53A- Part of the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of conscience for all religious ideas
    55A- This administrative decision was sized so that everyone was one day's journey from the courthouse
    60A- Change

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. 4d- I think its connecticut.
    8d- vietnam
    20d- unanimity
    50a- demagogue

  3. 4D- Can't be Connecticut because of 15A

    15A- laisse faire capitalism
    34A- establishment
    55A- county
    60A- alter

    My questions:
    62A- Confederation's reliance on this led to inflation
    4D- the "true democracy" state
    24D- Concept that states/people have to agree to be ruled (4 words)

  4. Sam,

    62A- Paper money
    4D- California
    24D- Consent of the governed

  5. 4D - California (16 year olds voting?)

    60a - Amend (though I guess alter fits too)


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