Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6b Plan

Class Schedule:

Wednesday, November 18: The Washington and Adams Administrations. Hamilton’s Plan

Friday, November 20: Test on Washington and Adams

Homework Schedule:

Due Wednesday, November 28:

Review Amsco 6, pp. 103-113. Answer multiple choice questions 6-10.

Review the last part of Bailey 9. I’m not giving you a reading guide to complete – I don’t want to overload you over the break. Be refreshed.

Complete the Bailey 10 reading guide.

Complete the Political Party Organizer (This will take 5 minutes when you finish reading Bailey)

Due TFriday, November 20:

Complete the crossword and study for the test. (UPDATE: NO CROSSWORD) The vast majority of the test will be on Amsco 6 and Bailey 9/10. Make sure you know this material.

AP Points:

Monday, December 3:
Thursday's morning breakfast: Washington's Farewell Address

Make a poster that displays three portraits of George Washington. Beneath each portrait, identify the artist and write a paragraph about how the artist approached his subject.

Write a song about the problems America faced as a result of the French Revolution. You need only cover the Washington and Adams administrations. Perform your song on tape – we will play it for class. You may work with a partner and create a duet. (Huzzah for choir!)

Write one of the essays at the end of Amsco 6.

Create a web-page with links to online resources for this unit. Let me know the url and I will link the class blog to your creation.

I’m open to suggestions.

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