Monday, November 30, 2009

08 Plan: Economic Devolpment and Nationalism

B day is now in front; A day dates will be the next class period.

Wednesday, December 1: The geography of industrialization
Friday, December 3: Test on Unit 8


Due Wednesday, December 1: Read and take notes on Amsco 8 and answer multiple choice.
Due Friday, December 3: Complete Monroe Doctrine cartoon. Read and complete study guide for Bailey selections. Study for the test.

AP Points:
A) Literature: Research either Washington Irving or James Fenimore Cooper. Create a poster that illustrates why they are considered founders of an American style of literature.
B) Artwork: Find three paintings created by Gilbert Stuart, Charles Wilson Peale, or John Trumball. Create a poster to display the three paintings along with a short commentary explaining how each painting reflected America’s growing nationalism.
C) Drama: Create a drama troupe. Write, perform, and film a ten minute play that portrays Jackson’s land grab. Turn in the script and video to Mr. Tueting.
D) Paper – Write a 1500 page paper describing the influence of the 48ers on American elementary education.
E) Drama: With a partner, write, perform and film a ten minute play in which an Irish and a German immigrant discuss their experience in America. Make it interesting. Maybe they are feuding neighbors or it is a “boy meets girl” situation. Turn in the script and video to Mr. Tueting.
F) Create a poster showing how a waterwheel works to power small factories.
G) Write a poem about a Lowell girl. No haikus. The poem should reflect two or so hours of work.
H) Create a poster showing the sectional impact of the cotton gin, interchangeable parts, the sewing machine, and the McCormick reaper.
I) Make a poster illustrating the evolution (eviloution?) of the Monroe Doctrine as outlined in your reading guide. You should follow the stages of interpretation and application and illustrate each phase with appropriate visuals.
J) Make a contemporaneous tri-fold travel brochure for the Cumberland Road.
K) Journalism: Write a newspaper article celebrating the launch of the Clermont. Include contemporaneous predictions of what the future may hold for Fulton’s invention.

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  1. Look at the paper for A.P. points...
    1500 pages...
    I think you forgot to include, "One word per page"


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