Monday, October 26, 2009

Unit 6 Plan

We will not be following the AP rubric for this unit; I have split off the Washington and Adams administrations so that this unit is less of a beast.

This is a particularly important unit. A good chunk of the AP exam is based on the Constitution, so you should make sure you have a solid grounding RIGHT NOW. Additionally, a major part of the AP government test is based on the framing of the Constitution. You will need this NEXT year as well.

B day is a day ahead.

Wednesday, October 28: Forms of government; Structural Weaknesses of the Confederation, Confederation Success Stories

Friday, October 30; Constitutional compromises; Constitution cooperative learning.

Tuesday, November 3: Election day: Please volunteer.

Wednesday, November 4: Constitutional Convention lecture; The Basis for National Power in the Constitution. (A day now ahead)

Thursday, November 5: Breakfast at Mr. J’s.

Friday, November 6: The Genius of James Madison; Review Federalist #10.

Tuesday, November 9: Review Federalist #10; Summarize #51, Bill of Rights cooperative learning.

Thursday, November 11: Test on Confederation and Constitution.


Due Wednesday, October 28: Read Amsco 6, take notes, and answer the multiple choice.

Due Friday, October 30: Confederation map. Review Amsco 83-86. Bailey 9a Reading Guide

Due Wednesday, November 4: Peruse the Spirit Documents collection pp. 168-185. Choose TEN documents to summarize in ONE paragraph each. DO NOT go over the one paragraph limit – the object here is to practice concise, clear thinking. Reduce the document to its essential argument. Please note: Gi-normas (is that a word? It should be.. And is now: neologism!) paragraphs will be seen as gaming the system. Try to stay in the five sentence range.

Due Friday, November 6: Federalist #10 (This is a beast. Plan to spend a while – if you wait until Monday night you will be an unhappy camper). This document will help you in AP government next year. You ought to keep it even after the AP US exam.

Due Wednesday at 5:00 (BOTH CLASSES DUE AT THIS TIME): Post three multiple choice questions on the blog; by Thursday you should answer three. The best questions will appear on the test.

Due Thursday, November 11: Study for the TEST and complete the crossword.

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