Thursday, October 22, 2009

05 Plan: Revolution

Thursday, October 22: The Genius of George Washington; Crane Brinton’s Revolutionary Scaffold

(Wednesday is parent conference day)

Monday, October 26: Test on the Revolution


Due Thursday, October 22: Amsco 5, notes and multiple-choice

Due Monday, October 26: Bailey 8 reading guide

AP Points Unit 5

Breakfast: Benjamin Franklin and the Treaty of Paris

Essay from Amsco 5: Choose one to outline, write, and type to turn in.

Poetry: On a poster board, write out, annotate, and illustrate Emerson’s “Concord Hymn.” By annotate, I mean to note and explain historical allusions.

Make a poster detailing the military strategy used during one key battle of the Revolutionary War.

Books (two points each):

The Anatomy of Revolution by Crane Brinton

Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution by Mark Puls

The Mind of a Patriot: Patrick Henry and the World of Ideas by Professor Kevin J. Hayes

The Meaning of Independence: John Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson (Richard Lectures for 1975, University of Virginia) by Edmund S. Morgan

The Genius of George Washington by Edmund S. Morgan

Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution Through British Eyes by Christopher Hibbert

The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood

The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 (Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia) by Gordon S. Wood

1776 by David McCullough

Liberty! The American Revolution (dvd)

Victory at Yorktown: The Campaign That Won the Revolution by Richard M. Ketchum

What Did the Declaration Declare? (Historians at Work) by Joseph J. Ellis

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