Friday, September 18, 2009

Puritan Ideology Notes

Puritan ideology and society

Religion Review (Have kids ask questions if I’m going too fast.)

Luther and 95 Theses
Henry VIII: Defender of the Faith
Needed a son
Pope refuses annulment (captive to Spain)
POLITICAL and DYNASTIC rather than theological reformation
New church w/Henry as head: Anglicanism (Catholic w/out Pope)
But politics lets ideas in. Screamin’ Protestants outside the door
Calvinism (Presbyterianism in Scotland)
Diagram of English church
Henry can hold it together
Edward - Regency
Parliament seizes power (Noble dominated regency wants to diminish King’s power as head of the church)
Edward dies: Civil war?
BB Bloody Mary
Elizabeth – She’s just a girl: Don’t be a chauvinist.
Solution: Thirty-Nine Articles – Full of sound and fury signifying nothing
Long term impact of America:
American Revolution
Stage III Slavery
Civil Rights
Women Ordination
Gay Bishop
Venn Diagrams of Elizabethan Church
(Add to Continuum – how does it connect to the venn diagram?)
Separatists come to America (compare to French Hugenots)
Religious intensity bell curve (population distribution curve)

Puritan society dramatically divergent from South

Refer to DBQ documents
Doc A: Model of Christian Charity
Pulpit-poundin’ sermon

Who came?
Compare to indentured servant list

Doc D: What does it tell us?
Emphasize:#1: minister
Rich and poor together
House lot
Share of meadow/planting ground
Reaction to enclosure
Observation of self/others
Village green
COMMUNITARIAN not communist
Church/gov building/school
Village green
Everyone lives in town – observation, sharing work, education for all (why?)
Education for all, including women. If patriarchal, why are they one of the few societies (only?) to emphasize universal female literacy?
Bible. Bible. Bible.
Status – big houses/little houses: But gap/lifestyle not that different
Protestant work ethic
Am I elect?
Idle hands are Devil’s workshop
Obligation to community
Teaching family: Family labor. Family as central value. Big families.
Most are farmers.
Farmers in town?
Long lots.
Good or bad?
Square farms much more practical.
Long term problems:
Examples: Rap music, walking through the snow to school.
Towns fill up. Big families, low mortality. Where to farm? Stay in father’s house. (Modern Mennonite farm example)
Living on margins of town. Why is this dangerous?
Rational farming: square fields = harder to observe neighbors.
Declining religious fervor – why?
The horror! The horror!
Reaction against the less religious. Suspicious of people on outskirts?
Venn diagram: Commercial activity, rational farmers, SECULARISM
Must regain control!
Salem witch trials as a social control.
Venn diagram: Commerce, rational farms, irregular church attendance circles.
Most victims were in the overlap of all three.
Pitch for Crucible attendance.

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