Thursday, September 3, 2009

Columbian Exchange Notes

Share charts from homework with partner (think pair share)

Know all the elements of the Columbian Exchange!

I will focus on a few elements – each will illustrate a particular idea.
How did I choose what to highlight?

Gold and Silver to Spain
Fueled monarchial power (why?)
Spain’s drive for HEGEMONY over Europe (Link to Why Europe?)
Foiled by Geography but also:
Diversity issue? Mr.Tueting’s appeal for Tolerance
1492: Three great events in Spain (See if students can list)
Reconquista complete: MOORS expelled
Expulsion of the Jews
Banking knowledge: New money, but purge of banking class.
Stereotype/Medieval history: USERY
Consequences: Financial corruption/inefficiency/decline
1588 – The Armada

How historians change opinions
Argument: Health vs. history
Cleopatra, etc.
P.K. v. Tueting: Dueling interpretations
“Italian/Spanish disease:” Columbus’ sailors
EPIDEMIC/virulent becomes ENDEMIC
New evidence = new interpretation

Horse culture
Spanish bring horses; FORCE MULTIPLIER; quick adaptation
Development of hunter/raider horse culture
Why did it center on the Great Plains?
Short term: cultural destruction on the plains
Why is this cultural destruction de-emphasized by Native Americans?
Long term: warrior culture confronts Americans as they move the Great Plains (Plains Indian Wars – Custer, etc.)

Ask Irish kids why they are here…

Potatoes are the perfect crop.

Effect on Ireland
PRIMOGENITURE - SAT break it down skills
Small farms
ENDEMIC starvation
Potato = no starvation, ever smaller farms
EPIDEMIC starvation returns centuries later with a much higher population
Short term: kids live/family strengthened
Maryland world history MSPAPS: “Examples of genocide include the Holocaust, Armenian genocide, and the Irish Potato Famine.”
WHAT? Definition of GENOCIDE. SAT break it down skills
Long term: Irish immigration; rapid American industrial growth

Use review sheet

Spain: Gold and silver to influence future. Tueting’s tolerance dance

Disease: Syphilis to illustrate how new evidence can give us new glimpses through the fog o’ history

Horse culture: Long term unintended consequences. Ripple effect.

Potato: Long term consequences. Ripple effect.

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