Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Additional AP Points for Unit One.

Power Point
Create a ten frame power point presentation that reinforces the historical concepts of reliability and validity (this was covered in the “What is History?” lecture). The power-point should include graphics and some bells and whistles.

Gather together a few friends from class and watch a movie about Columbus. There are several to choose from. Discuss the viewpoint of the director. What school of historical interpretation does he seem to believe (schools are discussed in the “Historical Perspectives” section of Amsco 1)? Write a one-page summary of your conclusion (with supporting evidence from the film) and turn it in to Mr. Tueting. I only need one summary per group.

Political Cartoons
Go online and find three political cartoons portraying the European conquest of the New World. Copy these cartoons into your word-processing program and write three short essays (approximately 250 words each) analyzing how the cartoon uses the historical record to make an argument in present-day America.

Graphic Organizer
Design a one page graphic organizer in Powerpoint showing the similarities and differences of the Spanish, French, and English patterns of settlement. The graphic organizer should demonstrate both intellectual understanding of the patterns and aesthetic characteristics. You may use images cut and pasted from the web.

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