Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Historical Argument

In our "What is History" class I used the birthers' forged Obama birth certificate to illustrate how people's pre-existing bias influences how they evaluate sources. In Today's DNR, Wayne Yoder illustrates my point.

Do you think Yoder's opinions about Obama's politics might be influencing him in his evaluation of the birth certificate evidence?

Letter to the editor reprinted below for educational purposes:

"George Wead appears to be privy to some “facts” that even the Associated Press does not have (“Republicans Continue Their Lies About Obama,” Aug. 13). Millions of people are waiting for you, Mr. Wead, to document the “facts” about Barack Obama’s citizenship.

The “proof” that appeared on Obama’s Web site has been shown not to be authentic, and Obama refuses to allow real facts about his birth, school records, etc., to be made available to the nation.

As for lies, one has only to compare Obama’s campaign promises to his present performance to uncover some real whoppers."

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  1. Obviously Mr.Yoders opinion is influenced by President Obama's policies. He continues arguing a lost cause the previous evidence(which was false) did not prove Obama was not a US-born citizen. Mr.Yoder wants to continue with his blue cheese theory ideas and instead of pointing out mistakes that he believes President Obama is making he rather try to just disprove Obama's as a U.S citizen so he can find a shortcut to getting Obama out of office. I'm astonished that there are people in our community who actually have this mindset.


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